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Went to my cousins 50th birthday last evening, it was lovely to see some of my other cousins too, so often it is the older generation that keeps the links between cousins in place, once they pass on the celebrations that they used to organise stop and years can go by without seeing cousins apart from the occasional funeral, so it was nice to catch up with some of mine last night and to be together celebrating. When we were all small we used to gather at my paternal Grandparents house for Boxing Day (26th. Dec) every year, we had great fun showing off our new toys and having our uncles crack nuts and dole out the sweets. I remember in those days men always wore suits so I have memories of all of my uncles in their smart dark suits sitting and standing in my Grans front room with a glass of beer, all talking and laughing (my Fathers side are really funny). All the women would be around my Gran (we all called her Ma) in the kitchen helping with the food. It was a tiny 2 bedroomed terraced house with an outside toilet, my Grandparents brought up 9 children in it and on Boxing Day they were all there with their wives, husbands and children (35 grandchildren) When it was time to eat all us kids would sit on the stairs - youngest at the bottom, and the women would pass us a plate of food and a drink. It was the best part of Christmas being there, Sadly most of the uncles and aunts have passed away only 4 are still alive and of course my lovely Mum. One of the aunts is going to be 101 in December xx
Some pics of last evening. xx

Mum and I
Sister Sarah, sister Debbie, little niece Martha, Mum, me and the birthday girl Caroline.
Siters Debbie, sister Sarah and me
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