First of all I hope you are all well and as happy as it's possible to be in your various worlds.
Please don't think that because I don't post that I am not about and thinking about you guys. It's great to see that most of you are still posting and keeping the LJ flag flying, makes me even more ashamed of myself but at the same time glad that there is still somewhere to come *home* to, if that makes sense.
This year alone we have had 2 weddings in my family, my middle son Giancarlo married the wonderful Fotini last Dec 29th and my eldest son Francesco remarried the nightmare that is Kelly on 3rd August.......we all put a brave face on it and I shall keep my mouth shut for my son and granddaughters sake because I know what this woman is capable of..........but that leopard will never change it's spots, she is in my gun sights.

This year I will be celebrating my 60th birthday, there will be a late afternoon party for my family and close friends and my sisters are taking me to London to see Jersey Boys - my husband is taking me to Italy for a week at the beginning of Dec and we are going up to London to see Crosby, Stills and Nash at the Royal Albert Hall next Tuesday.....not a bad start to my celebrations which I plan will last for the next year!!! I am a lucky lady.
The Grandchildren are growing fast Jake is 17 and studying aeronautical engineering, Ben is 14 and just starting his GCSE studies, Ffion is 12 and doing well at school, she has just secured the lead junior role in the local pantomime and earlier this year was the Cat in a Hat in Suessical the Musical with a local theatre group, little Effie is 2 years old and capable of holding a conversation with no trouble although they usually revolve around Peppa Pig and biscuits! - she is adorable!

Myself and Pietro are doing well, he has some problems with his knees which we are in the process of getting sorted but to be honest I believe it is wear and tear - he has been working hard for 40 odd years so it's to be expected - just have to see what needs to be done to make things a little easier for him, he has bought himself a bicycle which should help as long as he doesn't overdo it.

The hotel is busy we have done so many weddings this year, some weeks we have had 3 weddings and then a christening on the Sunday and it's looking the same for next year. My husband is a perfectionist and this has helped our reputation to grow in the area. Also the hotel is a beautiful setting.

Well my lovely and good friends, I am not going to apologise for being an absent friend, just going to do better and be *home* more often.
Love and ((((((HUGS))))to you all.
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas - My two older boys and their families spent Christmas Day with their in-laws this year so myself, my husband and youngest son Piero went to my sister and brother-in-laws house, had a lovely time although it it feel strange not doing any cooking! Made up for it today though when I had 12 to lunch, tiring but lovely too.
Thank you for the bubbly!!! *HIC* I am virtually squiffy!! xxx
Wishing all my F/list that live in the US of A a very Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving.
Praying here that all my friends in the NY area affected by hurricane Sandy are OK and have come through the ordeal with the minimum of damage to themselves, there families, pets and properties - love to you all. xxx
I am off to the Talybont Leisure Centre in Cardiff to watch my niece Abbie play in the Roller Derby, she plays for the Tiger Bay Brawlers and her Roller Derby name is Doris Danger!! - I shall be wearing my TBB t/shirt and shouting myself hoarse!! Can't wait....go Doris!!!

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Last evening husband and I went for our first class of a 3 evening (tuesdays) course called Wine Wisdom, the title speaks for itself really ;-) It was very interesting, they took us through the process of wine production from grapevine to bottle explaining every aspect of the process along the way. Then we were given 6 glasses of wine, 3 white and 3 red - now each glass of wine was in fact the same wine but where as the first glass of white/red was a new wine - each of the other two was 3 and 4 years older respectively. This demonstrated how the wine behaves with the passage of time - it was really interesting the different flavours and colours that occur as a wine matures. Next week we are learning how to *read* a wine label on the bottle, what all the different codes and markings mean, I am looking forward to it........and don't worry I didn't quafe 6 glasses of wine as we had to spit into a bucket and eat a wafer in between each glass!........which was a little bit ....erm......disappointing? xxx
Here is a photo taken of me and my 3 sons in June when my niece Abigail got married here at The Manor House.
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Oct. 6th, 2012 10:16 am
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P and I went to the cinema to see The Sweeney with Ray Winstone last was great! Go see it if you get the chance!
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Last weekend we went to Bourton-on-the-Water to celebrate our 36th Wedding Anniversary, we had a lovely time, the little hotel was perfect (The Coach & Horses) and were lucky enough to have some pretty good weather.
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Hope you are having a good birthday lovely girl! xxx
Last evening P and I went to our middle sons house to discuss the their wedding which is taking place at The Manor House on December 29th 2012 - We are drafting in extra staff on the day so that we can sit down and enjoy the festivities but there is still much to organise.
Some news I haven't told you all yet: Some of my old pals on here may remember my eldest son separated from his wife and later they got divorced....well - they have been back together for over a year and are remarrying next August 1st......I KNOW!!!...amazing! We are cautiously happy for them, Hopefully all will go well for them this time as long as they both learn from past mistakes, and of course they are both 10 years older now! xx
Anyway gratuitous granddaughter pics.

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Hiya to you all!! Today we have been married for 36 years! where did they go? I can hardly believe it. We don't know what we are going to to to celebrate yet, thinking of going up to London to see a show, perhaps The Jersey Boys, will have to wait until after the weekend though.
Hope you have a fab birthday M !!!! Many Happy Returns of the Day!!! xxxx
This year was my Granddaughter Effies very first Halloween, we celebrated at my son's house - there was plenty of dressing up, food and trick or treating (for the kiddies!) of course as an indulgent Nonna Ifelt obliged to join in a bit.
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16th November 2011.......

Johnny Cage and the VoodooGroove are at the Coal Exchange supporting Alabama3 following a chance onstage encounter at Secret Garden Party 2011 with the Legendary Larry Love

I want to say that were gunna bring the house down....but it's a listed building, so we will probably just make minor cosmetic adjustments in line with city planning rules.

Wed 16th November 2011

The Coal Exchange

See Alabama3 website for tickets and details
I have just booked flights for my husband and I to fly to Italy from the 20th to the 28th of November PLUS because it's an early flight out (7.30am) we are staying overnight in the 4* Gatwick Holiday Inn Hotel on the 19th...........all paid for with my airmiles thus saving us about £700.00p...........OMG!! I just love a bargain!!
Took Piero to his physio appointment this morning, they put him through his paces in the gym they have at the hospital and were very pleased with him, he is now allowed to go about the house without his crutches but has to continue with the exercises. He was feeling very pleased with himself - last Saturday he spent the evening at his friends house watching TV and having some beer and pizza, that cheered him up a lot. He has another physio session in 2 weeks but before then he is going for another xray. I must say it's wonderful to see him walking about without his crutches, reminds a person never to take anything for granted.
Last night my baby Granddaugghter Effie came to spend the night, it's her Mums birthday today and they were off out celebrating at a karaoke bar, apparently a good time was had by all and they came and picked little Effie up about an hour and a half ago - they were both nursing hangovers so I made tham bacon sandwiches and strong tea and off they all went, looking after a baby whist in the grip of a hangover is not fun, so next time perhap one of them will take it a bit easy!! Anyway Effie was a treat to look after and once she was fed and cuddled went down to sleep for 8 hours and woke up smiling irrisistably. We watched a little Winnie the Pooh while we were waiting for her to be picked up, I had forgotten what fun they are!!
Took these this morning before she went home.
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