2013-10-11 11:46 pm

Trip to London

Off we went to London on Tuesday to see Crosby, Stills and Nash, they were wonderful, they atmosphere in The Royal Albert Hall was buzzing and the whole evening was so enjoyable I didn't want it to end! The band played all my favourite tracks, they came on stage at 8pm and there was a 20 minute break the show finished at about 11pm - not bad going as they must be nearly 70 years old.
The hotel was lovely, very comfortable and only a short walk from the venue. We were meant to pay £35.00p to use the hotel car park (London remember) but as they didn't have the exact room I had reserved they waived the cost of the car park......I was very pleased about that since I wasn't really sure what I'd reserved anyway! and the room we had was really fine .....result! xx
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